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    BarkBuilder is a fully hosted web and commerce platform built for businesses that are unwilling to compromise on user experience, security and scalability. Best of all, BarkBuilder comes with a dedicated team of specialists who care about your business.

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    Innovation Did you know that BarkBuilder has been around longer than WordPress? Find out why so many businesses use our CMS to tell their story.

    Security Statistics show that over 30,000 websites are hacked every day. Don’t let that be part of your story. BarkBuilder provides a unique approach to security.

    Experience BarkBuilder is more than just a CMS. It’s powered by real people who care about you. Discover how we help businesses solve their biggest challenges.

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    We are tired of seeing businesses build a website, just to watch it become stale and outdated. BarkBuilder comes with your own professional web team. We build the site for you, help you manage it along the way, and offer suggestions on how to improve upon it. Consider us your personal website consulting team and mechanics.

    "Bark has an incredible ability to meet the expectations of clients which contribute to both creative and bottom-line outcomes."

    — John McAuley, Executive Director - Muskoka Woods —

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    Client Stories

    Browse through some of our clients who use BarkBuilder for their website.

    Classic Fire + Life Safety

    Using Creative Content to Support Innovative Products and Services

    copyrighting photography print media social media video website safety & security
    At a Glance Classic Fire + Life Safety is an industry-leading fire protection and life safety organization that works to keep people, properties, and investments safe from fire. We successfully championed their compelling brand story about people helping people through building a stunning, story-first, fully responsive website and content

    Salus Mutual

    How a Commitment to Brand Excellence Propelled a New Company Forward

    branding marketing management name development social media mutual insurance
    At a Glance When West Elgin Mutual and Howard Mutual came together to form what would eventually become Salus Mutual, they came to us. Mergers are fraught with challenges, not the least of which is how to position the new company when deep ties to the old ones may exist. Major moves and moments should be celebrated and supported with major
    At a Glance Sandy Cove is an all-inclusive, year-round retreat center located on the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay in North East, Maryland. Sandy Cove looked to Radiant (Bark's charitable division) to solve several very complex problems that required a unique approach to navigate. Attendance was down, and innovative solutions were lacking.
    Brands aren't meant to be tied up. Unleash your brand.®